Hey !

Michal Bednarek here – Creator of FutureInYou.

What do I create with My Team?

We work to make the world a better place. For more people to develop, opportunities and solutions were given to them. That’s why this place was created! Internet Development Center – everyone has the opportunity thanks to ready-made solutions that help solve your problems, overcome your weaknesses, and achieve success in life.

Because Happiness equals Development!

Who I am?

I am an Entrepreneur and a Mental Trainer who has gone through the path of development … and is still going through it (the development never ends!). I share it with others, teach other people how to have more from life, how to be a better version of themselves day by day, give chance and solutions. I am proud that we can change other people lives. Because I believe that everyone deserves more happiness in personal life, more successes in their jobs, businesses and  finances. Life Is One – let’s use it the best we can!

My Mission?

Help people overcoming weaknesses and becoming a better version of themselves!

Good Luck ! Straight from the heart! 🙂

Michal Bednarek